Let The Olympic Games Begin!

Its a extremely special timeits instance for the Summer Olympics! This year the Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, China from Aug 8th to Aug 24th 2008.The very finest athletes from around the cosmos will.

Let The Olympic Games Begin!

Let The Olympic Games Begin!

Its a extraordinary special timeits occasion for the Summer Olympics! This year the Olympic Games commit be held in Beijing, China from Aug 8th to Aug 24th 2008.

The extremely elite athletes from around the totality entrust meet to compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals in a wide variety of sports ranging from passageway and territory to gymnastics to swimming and diving The Olympics are further occasion for people from many different cultures and backgrounds to make friends and learn obtaining Bring the Olympics into your home by planning some Olympicactivities and crafts to torch your issue to be active and experience the Olympic spirit

The Olympic Flag

Explain to your infant that the Olympic Flag is a uncommonly special banner It has five interlocking colored rings on a white background The rings represent the five major sleep areas, or continents, of the cosmos Show successors these land areas on a map or globe. Explain that the rings are interlocked to express friendship among the different nations Then, have your adolescent colouring or color interlocking rings on a sheet of white printing paper to resemble the Olympic Flag Attach to a drinking pasturage for the handle.

The Olympic Torch

During gap ceremonies of the Olympics, a specially chosen person lights the Olympic cauldron to decided the authorized start of the games The fire is kept burning during the entire twist of the games Have your teenager make his/her keep Olympic provoke and lease the games begin! To make a artless torch, retain your child sunshade the exterior of a paper sway with aluminum foil Then, retain him/her compound red, yellow, and orange tissue paper inside the paper roll. Let your run around the cauldron pretending to light the big inspire with his/her torch)

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Olympic Mascots

The Olympic Games Mascot for 2008 is the Fuwa The Fuwa consist of five doll-like creations named Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, and Nini Each of the Fuwa represents a different animal (fish, gigantic panda, fire, Tibetan antelope, and swallow) and Chinese plane of thesis (water, metal, fire, wood, and earth), and each has as its primary color one of the colors of the five Olympic Rings (red, blue, green, yellow, and black) Encourage your adolescent to engender a mascot twin to the Fuwa that represents your city or field Visit our site for free Olympic coloring pages for each mascot

Olympic Medals

Create some practicable to make medals for your issue Draw a trajectory on a piece of cardboard and retain progeny color it with yellow crayons. Spread a lean layer of pulp over painted circles and while pulp is inactive wet, lightly sprinkle on gleam Shake off excess flash and let wry To add the snog ribbon, notch a length of ribbon approximately 32 inches

Olympic Sports Day

For the gap celebration, manoeuvre some marching tune and have issue materialize a torch-bearer with their have macrocosm of flags to charge your games.

Water Sports

Have your issue spring over a sprinkler, stratagem irrigate balloons from one dress pannier to another, lob irrigate balloons or resealable plastic baggies filled with water from one bucket to another,, and lob sponges from a bucket filled with, water trying to hit a target

Gymnastics Event

Put on music and sprinkle out a great sheet to use as a gymnastic floor Let successors make their hold gymnastic flag exercise Let heirs leap with crepe paper streamers to rhythm or bounce in and out of hula hoops

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At the latter of the episode make a podium out of cardboard boxes, etc. and labourer out the medals to all participants of the Olympic Games

Olympian Snacks

The Olympics is a multicultural eventa absolute juncture to introduce foods from further countries to your child, such as tortillas, pizza, egg rolls, pita bread and hummus, etc